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Major Starcraft Update 7/20/17

Posted on July 20, 2017 at 8:00 PM

It's finally here! Xhupi and I have been working on getting this finished for about a month now. Changing, rechanging, and changing again different details. We've been listenning to everyone, and here is what we got.

This is a really, really, long list of changes, so buckle your seat belts and get ready for a ride!

Core Game Morale Change:

The morale system has dramatically changed:

Morale (also called morale levels or morale points) is a scale from +5 to -5

If you have a positive morale, you may spend a morale point to add your morale bonus to an attack or check that you have already rolled but the GM has not announced the result for yet.

If you have a negative morale, you may be vulnerable to opponents "spending" your negative morale to cause combat influence effects on you

Morale markers are gone. Morale tests are gone. Effects that used to give positive / negative morale markers just give positive or negative morale. Losing a known ally no longer causes morale loss.

Morale now persists from round to round, there is no morale phase.

You start every encounter at +1 morale.

Leadership, combat influence have changed significantly for the new system.

Core Game Crippling Wound Change:

The crippling wound system has dramatically changed. Now there is a new wound table that applies to both characters and constructs, and is not limb specific. See pages 151-152 for the new rules.

Vehicle Movement Change:

Vehicle maneuverability is now simple and streamlined. Now, if you are moving at cruising speed (twice your acceleration) you have free movement and facing, much like a character. If you are moving faster than that, you are at cruising speed and turning is a long, slow process.


Other Gameplay Changes

*Major* By popular demand, you now have more choices when playing as a ghost character. You can play as a sanctioned ghost, with a neural implant, a hostile environment suit, and 8,000 credits worth of equipment. Otherwise, you can play as a rogue ghost, with normal starting gear and no neural implant to restrict you.

*Major* Boosting psionic powers now gives a Critical crippling wound in addition to its other effects. You can now only increase your PL by ½ your Psi Level instead of full. Rather than their old benefit, the Mental Discipline of Aiur protoss now roll a d20+ the amount of PL they boost. They only suffer a crippling wound if the result is 16+. They still do not accidently overload their powers.

*Major* The rules for grabbing have been completely reworked. They are now very streamlined and simple, without the positioning point mechanic. See page 146 for details.

*Major* The scatter rules, for when a burst attack misses, have been removed. Burst attacks no longer scatter. This is for simplicity's sake.

*Major* Psionic characters no longer add their Psi Level to their resolve and telepathic power accuracy. This concept was to reflect how it is harder for psychics to use telepathy on superior telepaths, but instead gave telepathic powers amazingly high attack bonuses and near immunity to combat influence.

-The Kel-Morian background has been made slightly better, by removing the influence disadvantage for different guilds.

-The benefits for Divine Form (psionic entity creature trait in Supplement 3) is now reduced to half PL

-Hollow Point Slugs in the Core Rulebook been increased from Rending (3) to Rending (5)

-In the Zerg supplement, the Fervor and Despair talent has been removed

-Exile Pilgrimage (talent): Character gains free morale point every round while alone, drops a morale level whenever an ally dies.

-Strength from the Khala (talent): +1 morale level every turn as long as an allied protoss is within 15 squares

-Wrestling Combat (talent): Now works with the new grab system, gives a +5 bonus to SCAs, and +4 accuracy with grab slams and double strength added to damage of grab slams.

-Terran and protoss armor descriptions now have their Defense Rating listed.

-The Disintegration Rod has had its damage reduced by 10 and its power rating reduced by +1, but had its penetration increase by 30.

-The Acid Damage and Energy Damage traits have been reworked. They no longer give Hailfire (1) against different targets. Now they just give bonus accuracy versus toughness with the Acid Damage and Energy Damage traits.

-The Glaive Cannon and Disintegration Rod lost the Energy Damage weapon traits.

Residual Core Rulebooks Morale Changes (Thanks to Xhupi for this):

p26 Morale: extensive changes of the section to indicate how the new morale system works

P39 Leader: Rallying Boost now grants tHP to those allies that got the morale point from the rally action

P40 Sniper: Terror on the range now subtracts one morale level from affected targets

P43 Assassin: Now gains the +5 damage against targets at negative morale (or unaware), and +20 against targets at -20 morale, helpless, or stunned (in addition to unconscious)

P44 Demagogue: Stirring Rhetoric now grants +2/tier to morale bonus of affected allies

P45 Inspirational Commander: Changed inspirational commander's Lead by Example to give free action rallys on charge and kills, and advantage on rally checks.

P55 Persuasion actions -- Rally renamed to Inspire to avoid confusion with leadership rally

P56 Combat influence -- rewrote the first paragraph to explain how combat influence works with the new system

Rewrote each of the 4 default combat influence abilities to explain the new versions and how they work

P57 Leadership -- rewrote the explanation paragraphs to explain how leadership works with the new system.

Rewrote the table to adjust how the leadership powers work, removed rally from the table and moved it to its own section since it is now a separate action

P67 Animal Handling -- adjusted how animal handling works given the changes to combat influence

P70 Adjusted air of authority and demean's descriptions on the table

P71 Adjusted Good Spirits description on the table

P73 Adjusted Resolute description on the table

P74 Changed Air of authority to require spending a morale to attack each turn, but is ignored by those that are taunted or at negative morale

P75 Slight rewording of Cynic

P76 Changed Demean to give a penalty to morale bonus for 1 round on successful demoralize attempts

Updated dissuade combat influence, now gives a penalty based on the situation

Updated distraction combat influence, now gives penalty based on the target's negative morale level

P77 Good Spirits -- updated to be +1 morale level at start of combat

P78 Jaded -- changed to be locked within +1 to -1 morale level and +5 resolve vs combat influence

P81 Resolute -- changed to add 1/2x int / 1x int to resolve

P127 Chemicals -- changed addiction tests to be based upon endurance instead of morale

Removed sentence giving cynical /emotionless characters immunity to withdrawal / addiction

P130 Rage -- reworded the morale section slightly to better match the new system.

P150 Combat Influence -- reworded this entire section to match the new system.

P152 Morale -- rewritten entirely

P167-168 changed wording on overloading dependency on morale for psychics and renegade psychics (this has been copied into the Supplement 3 psionics section)

P176 Psionic Maelstrom -- changed from breaking the stun on a morale test to an endurance test

P242 Submissive characters -- changed the section on the conditioning breaking at panicked morale to match the new system

P256 Oppressor: Alien mind -- updated the morale loss to the new system

Oppressor: Instill Fear -- rewrote for the new morale system, and giving the ability to make terrify actions

P267 Ghost -- updated Terror of the Range description

P277 Gun-for-hire tactics and thug tactics: changed panicked morale to -5 morale for the new system

P278 Assassin -- updated Terror of the Range and Slayer in the Dark descriptions

Supplement 3: Class Traits Changes

-Rejoice in the Khala: Aiur protoss gain 2 morale levels instead of 1

-Judgement: Now, enemies within 6 squares just drop a morale level

-Presence of Will: Fateweaver does not deal automatic negative morale, instead deals -1 morale level per wound dealt

-Aura of Terror: Characters that do not have morale or morale points to spend, must spend a move action to attack the character.

-Intercept now gives 3 times acceleration rating for 1 round, effecting combat speed for that turn as well

-Spiral motion has change, so that piloted vehicles gains 2.5 times acceleration to determine combat speed, rather than previous benefits.

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