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Major Fallout Update 7/30/2017

Posted on July 30, 2017 at 5:40 PM

Massive set of changes on the Fallout RPG. Still trying to get the numbers and the game mechanics where I want them to be.

Core Game Crippling Wound Change:

The crippling wound system has dramatically changed. Now there is a new wound table that applies to all creatures and characters. For those wondering, this is the same system that Starcraft just moved to.


The morale system has been removed from the Fallout RPG. I decided the system had enough complexity and moving parts, and that the morale system was just not necessary.

-The Mental Training skill now adds ½ skill ranks to a character’s luck bonus (if they have one)

Weapon Damage:

Still trying to find the right values for weapon damage. The following are the changes involved in weapon damage:

-Non-Explosive Ranged Weapons: -4 (removing half the benefit gained in the last update)

-Shotguns: -2 (some minor tuning for shotguns)

-Natural Weapon Damage: -5 (reverting to the way it was before the latest change)

-Heavy Tool Damage: -5 (was simply way too high)

-Hollow Point Ammunition: Gives +5 rending (up from +3, to make it a more attractive option).


Perks were updated for changes to the core system, as well as plenty of new low-level perks. This was something the game very much needed.

-Removed Creeping, Death, Hive Mind, and Swooping Strikes perks. Removed the monster type restriction from Staggering Strikes

-Demean: Now gives penalty to resolve for a number of rounds equal to degrees of success

-Dissuade: No longer forces target to attack allies

-Distraction: Makes the target roll one less dice instead of a negative modifier

-Terrifying Presence now causes enemies to suffer -2 to defense

-Added 7 new perks, each one with 5 ranks attached to a different SPECIAL score.

-Slugger: Strength based, gives extra melee penetration

-Marksmanship: Perception based, gives extra ranged penetration

-Tough Guy: Endurance based, gives extra damage threshold

-Deal Maker: Charisma based, gives bonus to combat influence attempts

-Try Again: Intelligence based, gives a chance to redo failed skill tests

-Quick Step: Gives bonus defense when bobbing and weaving

-Good Fortune: Luck based, gives a chance to get luck points back


All changes for the removal of the morale system.

-Colonists now gain passive +3 resolve

-Raider’s Dirty Tricks now deals +3 damage against flat-footed targets

-Vault Dweller’s now gain +2 initiative


All changes for the removal of the morale system.

-Claustrophobia and Night Person Traits now give or take dice on skill checks

-Gifted changed to as intended: non-violent skills require ½ skill ranks instead of giving 2 per 1 spent


Again, mostly changes for the removal of the morale system.

-Combat Influence’s success is no longer based on morale level. Instead it is a flat factor modified by resolve.

-Demoralize combat influence now prohibits the target from using luck points or combat behaviors

-Leadership Rally actions now give a bonus to resolve

-Added DCs instead of difficulty levels to skills (for better readability)

Small Creatures:

Small creatures were surprisingly tough for low level characters, namely being too hard to kill. The following changes are being implemented.

-Tiny-size bonus to defense reduced from +6 to +4.

-Tiny-size hit points changed: 10 base heroic, 5 base nonheroic, 0+END per rank of Durability

-Small-size hit points changed: 20 base heroic, 10 base nonheroic, 2+END per rank of Durability

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