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The Future of the Fallout RPG

Posted on August 8, 2017 at 3:15 PM

In gaming news, Fantasy Flight Games just announced their new Fallout Board Game. This is interesting news seeing as Modiphius is also making a minatures game based on Fallout, that is resembles both a wargame and an RPG. You can find out more about these products at these links:



I would not be surprised if an official fallout tabletop RPG is announced next.

To be frank, I am not going to try to compete with an official product. I only make games for IPs that do not have an official RPG to them, or their RPG is small and been abandoned for some time. If they announce an official Fallout RPG, Leovaunt’s Fallout RPG will be discontinued and taken down. Much of the reception on the forums has been for the Starcraft RPG; it seems to be what brings people in the door. It will not be a terrible loss for the community for the Fallout RPG to be taken down.

That being said, this is not a definite possibility yet, but is being considered. For all the time and effort I have put into the game, it would be sad to take Fallout down. Especially when I’m days away from a new supplement. But I want people to be aware this might be coming down the road.

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