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September Update Now Live: Changes to Terrans and Infested Terrans

Posted on September 25, 2017 at 4:45 PM

The September releases are now available! While a wide variety of issues were tackled, this month we mostly focused on character updates and changes. Let’s talk about what updates have come to the game!

Terrans and Core Rulebook Changes

-The specializations system for terrans has been greatly enhanced. First, the number of specializations and advanced specializations you gain over the levels has greatly increased! You gain a specialization every four levels, until you gain your 5th specialization at level 16. You also gain an advanced specialization every 4 levels starting at level 10, until you have gained six of them at level 30.

-In addition to the enhanced numbers of normal specializations, you now gain Master Specializations at levels 20, 24, and 28. Master specializations are very powerful, and give high level terrans a host of new abilities to bring them up to power against high level protoss and zerg. To give players some level of choice, 8 master specializations have been added into the Core Rulebook.

~Commodore, the king of vehicle combat, the master of ships and king of void fighting

~Figurehead, a powerful enhancement for characters focused on charisma and influence

~Hero, a specialization for hardy characters and those who wish to protect others

~Icon of Mankind, for the ultimate leadership characters

~Metapsychic, to bring your psionic terrans to the next level of psionic ascension

~Prodigy, the ultimate intellectual who excels at everything and never loses their calm

~Special Forces, the perfect soldier and tactician

~Warmonger, the terror of close combat, the unstoppable juggernaut of death

-To give getter flexibility to terran characters, the characteristic point cost of all terran backgrounds has been reduced by 2.

-Psionic terrans have been slightly changed. They now gain specializations at the same rate as normal terrans, but cost 1 more characteristic point to play as. A more than worthy trade off! All the ghost out there can thank Xhupi for this.

-As per demand, there is now a quick reference chart in the psionics chapter so you can quickly see the summary of all the psionic powers without having to flip through the entire chapter.

-The energy psionic discipline has been removed from the Core Rulebook. This is for simplicity; people were confused it was in there because terrans could not gain access to it in the base rules.

-Anyone familiar with ship combat knows there is a chart that determines how vehicle speed effects attack rolls and defense compared to slower/faster vehicles. This chart has been removed, and now is simply equal to the speed difference divided by 25, to make it simpler.

-The morale rules correctly list that any roll of natural 1 causes a negative morale, not just attack rolls.

-Sprinting duration is now correctly based on fortitude, not strength.

-Thought Blocking has been improved and simplified. It now gives immunity to natural mind reading, and adds intelligence to resolve against telepathy.

-Terran powered armor gives +3 more strength to bring it more in line with the fluff and give an extra benefit to characters who invest in powered armor. The combat body suit and hazardous environment suit now give +1 more strength.

-Missiles and target locks now have additional synergy. Instead of using a target lock to gain an accuracy bonus, you can use it to fire an additional missile instead.

Infested Terran and Supplement 1 Changes

-Infested terrans have had their mutation system redone again. There are no more mutation points to keep track of. Instead, an infested terran simply gains a mutation every level. All the mutations have, in turn, been updated to belong to different tiers. You might recognize these tiers if you’ve looked at the new primal zerg rules. In addition, the table of automatic infested mutations has been updated, and the example infested terrans have been similarily updated based on the changes.

-The metamorph directive now gives an extra mutation every even level.

-The zerg have gained two new natural weapon upgrades: Splintering Bone and Oversized Limb. These are also available to infested terrans and primal zergs who upgrade their natural weapons.

Protoss and Supplement 3 Changes

-As per demand, there is now a quick reference chart in the protoss psionics chapter so you can quickly see the summary of all the psionic powers without having to flip through the entire chapter. This even includes all the variant powers for the Energy discipline based on psionic power source.

-A new section has been introduced into the protoss equipment chapter, to help players and game masters better understand the lore and roleplay significance of augmentation crystals and armor sockets.

-The colossus and Thermal Lance damage has been reduced from 60 (+10) to 40 (+5), so retains its identity from the universe as a powerful anti-area weapon, but not make them as good at countering fellow super-heavy enemies as before.

Primal Zerg and Advanced Race Guide Changes

-Many new primal zerg evolutions have been added to the game:

~Body Evolutions: Adrenal Glands, Empowered Energy, Empowered Adrenal Glands, Enlarged Breath Weapon, Bloodlust Adrenal Glands

~Cranium Evolutions: Survival Instincts, Cunning Warrior, Master of the Hunt

~Frame Evolutions: Elemental Aura

-Some primal zerg evolutions have changed what tier they are.


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