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Quick Reference and Updated Record Sheets

Posted on September 25, 2017 at 4:50 PM

To go along with today’s update, we have two special surprises to improve quality of life for people playing the Starcraft Roleplaying Game.

New Character Record Sheet

The first is the newest iteration of the Starcraft Roleplaying Game character sheet. Now at 3 pages, the character sheet is also fully fillable, like the 1st edition record sheet. In addition, it has a number of additional features, including:

-A quick rehash of the crippling wound table, and bubbles to mark off for every crippling wound that you are suffering from.

-The gear section now notes what containers you have on your person, how many slots they have, and what object you are carrying is in each container

-Larger sections to keep track of your specializations, talents, special abilities, classes, mutations, and evolutions.

-Several entries to write down the effects and rules behind your most commonly used psionic powers, a must for protoss!

-Room for many other features, such as banked characteristic points

-As before, the record sheet is available as a fully fillable PDF document, so you can avoid having to fill it out by hand!

Quick Referance Sheet

The second document in question is the new basic rules quick reference sheet, so you can quickly get all the basic gameplay information for making Starcraft quicker and easier to play!

-Procedure for a weapon attack, so you have the rules for attacking right in front of you.

-Special Actions listed in easy text, including action moves, charges, automatic fire, and evading

-The turn mechanic, including initiative and what actions you get on a turn

-Combat Behaviors, so they are easy to remember and make use of

-Movement Basics, including sprinting, difficult terrain, and limited movement

-The crippling wound table and how crippling wound works

-All the basics about using morale without needing to look anything up

-Color coded, so it’s easy to find what you are looking for

In the future, I am going to do an advanced rules sheet covering features like combat influence, more special combat actions, combat augmentations, psionics, and piloting vehicles. I wanted to start with this one, to see how people like it.


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