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So, publishing the big July Update soon. I have in mind another big boost for terrans coming down the pipeline. To help bridge the power level between terrans and other races, without making the directly more powerful, I am considering giving an extra ability of some kind to every specialization and advanced specialization. Not just some numerical benefit, but actually new ways to capture a character of that playstyle.

I’m looking for people’s feedback on this, on whether this is a good change for terrans. In the meantime, I want to use this thread for everyone to make suggestions on new abilities for all of the Core Rulebook specializations. Go inventive; be creative. I want to hear any ideas that people have.

I am also considering allowing core specializations to give BOTH skill focuses offered, not just one or another. This would also be a big boost to terrans without being numerically too blunt force.

What do people think? What are your ideas for new specialization powers? Discuss!



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So my opinion on this matter is that rather than making specializations more powerful (which I think may make them more directly similar to protoss, and it means I have to come up with a lot more abilities for supplement 2 :P) I think that instead giving terrans MORE specializations instead.  That way each specialization comes with the same bonuses as they are now, but the terran character winds up with roughly double the number of abilities and focuses that they have currently, and which just gives more options for your characters as they level up.

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