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Community Tabletop Roleplaying Games Introduction

Want somewhere to display your tabletop RPG conversions or new rule sets? This page is going to be dedicated to the homebrew tabletop RPG projects besides my own.


These are the types of community contributions we want to display here.


-Other settings converted using the Starcraft RPG ruleset

-New content and additions to one of my RPGs, or any other major RPG

-Other RPG conversions of popular intellectual properties (books, movies, video games, etc) that you want to make public

-Details of any custom settings to use with an existing RPG system.  

-Optional character sheets or similar projects for an RPG


If you have any such project, or a working on any such project, save your work as a PDF and email it to me at leovaunt@gmail.com. Give me information such as your project name, the name you want it labeled under, the setting that it is based on, and the rule system it is based on.


This are the types of contributions I do NOT want to see.


-Anything that is not a tabletop RPG

-Unoriginal or copied work

-*Fixed* versions of someone else original work

-Anything offensive or vulgar

-Anything that will get my website shut down.

-Anything by someone with poor manners, abusive attitude, or spams or trolls that email address.